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Have you lost control of your weight loss surgery tool?
Today learn and live the plan that is hailed as a sound and sensible way to get back on track with weight loss surgery. If you are asking:

Does my pouch still work?
Have I broken my pouch?
Am I doomed to be a failure at this too?
Can I lose the weight I've regained?
Is the honeymoon with my pouch over?

If you are asking these questions then the 5 Day Pouch Test is for you. In 5 Days you can rediscover your pouch, get back on track and lose weight with your weight loss surgery tool. You have not failed! You can learn to use the tool again!

"Hundreds of people have taken control of their surgical pouch by following the 5 Day Pouch Test. At the end of Day 5 many who were sad and hopeless at the beginning of the week report euphoria knowing the pouch is functioning properly. Hopelessness is replaced with confidence. Five days. That is all it takes to turn things around." ~~Kaye Bailey, 5DPT Author. Learn more about Kaye

I'm ready to learn the 5 Day Pouch Test plan!

"I have found the 5DPT to be invaluable. I regained my focus on this plan. Protein did feel uncomfortable so sliders were easier but until this plan I had not recognised this. Now I am on track and more importantly feel empowered and happy."
~~Trudy S. Facebook 12/2014

The 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual

"I have this book and live by it. When I get off track from weight loss surgery and feel hopeless, I pick up this book and follow the 5 Day Pouch Test. In those five days I feel back in control and empowered. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had WLS. I have bought several of these books as gifts for my new weight loss surgery friends."
~~Karen G. Amazon

"I had been searching for something since my surgery in 2006 that would give me the knowledge I needed to keep my weight off. My support group folded and I was left alone with so many questions. I kept it off for almost 5 years and then gained 40 lbs. I started searching the web for anything that would help. I was desperate! That's when I came across your website and read your story. I bought the 5-DPT and I lost almost all of the 40 lbs. I struggle here and there, but It works!"
--Pamela I. Facebook 12/3/2014

"Thanks for your website. I feel I found my answer to NO SUCCESS with Lapland surgery. I am going to do the 5 Day Pouch Test and start over. I barely lost any weight after my surgery and have completely stopped going to my doctor for rechecks. After reading some of your articles, I found I eat way too many slider foods. I will continue to read all your essays and get back on track after two years with no success."
~~ T.A. 11/16/2011

"I have read and completed the 5 Day Pouch Test. I had surgery 10-2002. I lost 115 pounds, never reached my goal and had regained 45 pounds. The after care was none for me. No follow-ups after the first 6 months. I was on my own. For years I have prayed for a "do over". I was talking with my counselor in tears one day and she told me about the 5DPT. I then found you and LAWLS. Since April I lost 35 pounds. I know I will make it because I know I am not alone, I have support!!"
~~ Liesa S. Facebook 12/3/2014

"Thank you for a renewed faith in myself and my tool. Thank you for making the information available and easy to find. I have made an appointment with my weight loss surgery center and a dietician and thanks to you and your extraordinary team of researchers, I am on the road back from where I've been. It is never too late to regain control. We are never really broken, just a little off track."
~~Sheila B. 12/5/2011

Featured Article:
What Your Bariatric Surgeon Forgot to Tell You That Will Cause Weight Gain
A significant number of people who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss will at some point regain some of the weight they lost initially with surgery. Patients who stray from the high protein diet prescribed by weight loss surgery nutritionists to eat simple processed carbohydrates, called slurry foods, are likely to gain weight. Learn why.

Kaye Bailey developed the 5 Day Pouch Test in 2007 and is the owner of LivingAfterWLS and the 5 Day Pouch Test websites. Ms. Bailey, a professional research journalist and bariatric RNY (gastric bypass) patient since 1999, brings professional research methodology and personal experience to her publications focused on long-lasting successful weight management after surgery.

Concerned about weight regain her bariatric surgeon advised her to “get back to basics”. With that vague advice Ms. Bailey says, “I read thousands of pages and conducted interviews with medical professionals including surgeons, nutritionists, and mental health providers. I collected data from WLS post-ops who honestly and generously shared their experience. My research background gave me the methodology to collect a vast amount of data. As a patient I found answers to the questions and concerns I have in common with most patients after WLS.”

Kaye Bailey is the author of countless articles syndicated in several languages, and books available in print and electronic format including The 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual 2nd Edition 2012, (1st Edition 2008 out-of-print, 50K copies in circulation); Day 6: Beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test (2009 – 3rd Printing January 2015); Cooking with Kaye Methods to Meals: Protein First Recipes You Will Love (2012).


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